For Drake, violence and killing are part of everyday life. It’s how he was trained. The Fathers at Saint Helens Orphanage name the mark and he performs the hit.
No questions asked.
Until now.

A gang of professional assassins hits town; deadly, well prepared and on a mission.  Drake’s orders are to eliminate them. But these men have a target of their own. Their aim is to destroy an alternative energy plant and everything in their way – Drake, Saint Helens, and innocent bystanders – are simply collateral damage.

Drake faces an impossible choice: if he warns civilians and saves countless lives, he puts himself and his loved ones at risk. If he keeps silent to protect the only family he has ever known, he is complicit in mass murder.

Loyalties come under pressure, ugly realities confront blind faith and those Drake sees as infallible fail him. The only person he can trust is himself.

This bloody battle could cost Drake more than his future.
It could destroy everything he believes to be true.


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