A man named Pasquale Barbaro ran for his life the other day in Australia. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t from a killer spider, a crocodile, a man-eating snake, or any of the other hundreds of things waiting to kill people in Australia; it was from an assassin.

The assassin walked up to Pasquale and pulled out a gun. When Pasquale saw it, he did what any self-respecting underworld thug would do; he ran for his life. The assassin shot at him multiple times, but missed.

Police looked for the assassin’s car and found it soon enough. Of course, it was abandoned and left burning not far from the crime scene.

Pasquale Barbaro is associated with some shady people and will soon be on trial for manufacturing a drug called “ice.” Given the trial, it’s no surprise that someone would want him dead.

What is surprising is how many dead men in his family share his name. Both his cousin and his granddad were named Pasquale Barbaro and were shot to death in similar gang-related situations. This one escaped for now, but, if his family history is any indication, it’s hard to say how long that will last.

To read the whole story, check out the article and let me know what you think in the comments.

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