So, the CIA director’s email address was hacked. No, not by China. Well, OK, maybe they’ve done it, too, but in this instance it was a likely by a teenager.

Did the kid write some kind of super Trojan? Nope. The CIA director used an AOL account and the kid used “social engineering” to get his password. What I imagine this means is that the kid posed as an AOL administrator and asked the director for his password. Of course, it might not have gone down exactly like that, but that’s essentially what social engineering is.

One would hope the CIA director would at least know better than to keep important information on his AOL account, right? Nope. The kid was able to obtain personal information on quite a few of the head honchos at the CIA.


Is anything going to be done about the CIA director’s idiotic blunder? Probably not. This may, however, lead to support for a bill known as CISA (the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act). This bill, in short, gives the government even more legal leeway to spy on everything we do online. That’s right; because the CIA director was an idiot who uses an AOL email account, we all need to be watched more carefully.

The real question is: who will watch the watchers?

For more information on CISA, check out the full article and let me know what you think in the comments.

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