Recently, drone assassinations seem to be gaining more and more attention. Four men involved with the program have stepped forward to tell the world about their issues with it, or, more specifically, the drone pilots themselves.

The pilots can best be described as Call of Duty trolls. Anybody who has played CoD for more than about five minutes knows exactly what I mean. For those who haven’t, the pilots were more specifically called out for conducting missions under the influence of drugs and alcohol, not acknowledging their targets as humans, being full of bloodlust, and referring to children as “fun-size terrorists.”

One interesting thing to note is that by default, the government labels those killed in drone strikes as enemies rather than civilians until proven otherwise. According to the four people speaking out against the program, this is a massive problem. By allowing civilian casualties to continue to increase, more and more people are pushed to join terrorist groups in order to avenge their families.

I highly recommend checking out the full article as well as doing a little more reading on your own on this topic. Not only is it interesting, but it also seems like it’s going to continue becoming a larger issue in the near future.

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