It’s good to know that all of those hours spent plotting survival tactics for the zombie apocalypse weren’t in vain.

On Monday, a woman in Georgia called 911 because her 32 year old son was freaking out. It wasn’t a normal, run of the mill kind of meltdown, though. No, he was trying to bite her as they drove down the highway.

She pulled over and had his girlfriend try and help subdue him. As she did, the man began to bite her instead.

Finally, when the police arrived, they tried to get him under control and failed. Then they moved on to plan B and tased him, but that didn’t work either.

Eventually, somehow, they were able to subdue him and took him to the hospital. Once there, he died.

According to his mother, the man had done a drug called “spice” which caused his breakdown. That very well could be the end of the story. Considering it took place in Georgia, the same place as The Walking Dead, though, one can’t help but wonder. What if the man was patient zero? Will scientists be able to find a cure before it’s too late?

Probably not. I think it’s time to invest in a crossbow and a katana.

Check out the full article and let me know what you think in the comments. How prepared are you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse?

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