Who would have thought being a critic of Vladimir Putin could be deadly?




Vladimir Kara-Murza is one such example. He suddenly fell ill last May and almost died after ingesting an unidentified poison. How it got into his system he’s not sure. Nor is he sure who specifically poisoned him, although he seems to have a pretty good idea who ordered the hit.


Kara-Murza ended up transported out of Russia to the US for obvious reasons while he was being treated. Apparently, he still has to walk with a cane because he hasn’t completely recovered. Even so, he’s not ready to give up. Instead, he’s back in Russia now, ready to hunt down his would-be killers and continue his opposition of Putin.


The guy has stones, that’s for sure.


If this real life thriller isn’t exciting enough, Kara-Murza has also stated that he doesn’t plan to stop until the Russian government is overthrown. How is this going to happen? Through a revolution. Kara-Murza just hopes it’s as peaceful as possible.


I highly recommend checking out the full article for more details. Let me know what you think in the comments!


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