In my never ending battle to maximize time and get as much stuff done as possible, I recently discovered a website called Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance website where people offer their services for pretty much anything imaginable. Some people will be your girlfriend on Facebook for a week while others will draw whatever you want. There’s much, much more, too.


What’s interesting about Fiverr is that every “gig” (as jobs are referred to on the site) starts at just $5. Of course, there are additional services or upgrades you can add to each gig that increase the cost, but even those typically aren’t too expensive.





To be honest, when I first heard about Fiverr, I thought it was too good to be true. When I found out you can pay with PayPal and don’t have to give the website your credit card information, though, I decided it was worth trying. At most, I’d lose out on $5. If it turned out to be as good as it sounded, my life would immediately get a lot easier. I decided to test a few different gigs. One was for a personal assistant who would do 3 hours of research for $5 (which amounts to $1.66 an hour). The other was to have a cover designed for my short story Birth of a Killer.


It took a week to get the work back from each of the people but, when I received it, I was pleasantly surprised, particularly with the research my personal assistant did. It was well put together and saved me hours worth of monotonous work.


I was pretty happy with the cover I received, too, although the designer was a little less easy to work with. They waited until the due date to ask that I choose 2 pictures for the cover. Initially, I had asked them to find whatever they thought would look good with the title and, because they didn’t respond, I assumed it wasn’t an issue. I was kind of peeved to find out I was ignored at the last minute but, in the end, the cover turned out pretty good (especially for the $15 I paid), which is what really matters.




Given my success with Fiverr so far, I’d definitely recommend trying it out if you’re short on time and need someone to help you get some work done. I’ve hired the same personal assistant again for 15 more hours this week and will most likely continue to use her a lot. I’ll probably checkout some of the artists in the near future, too, for some cool illustrations.


If you’ve used Fiverr and have any recommendations for people to work with or to stay away from, let me know down in the comments. Or, if you know of other sites similar to it that you prefer, please feel free to share!


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