This Would Be Paradise by N. D. Iversion is a book about the zombie apocalypse. Bailey and her friend Zoe are two Canadian girls who are visiting New Orleans for Mardi Gras when the infection breaks out. Because they spent the previous night drinking, they don’t realize the world is ending until the next morning after the initial chaos has already begun.


Woefully unprepared for the end of civilization, the girls quickly learn that they can’t rely on institutions such as hospitals or makeshift “safe zones.” They do, however, meet up with a few competent guys who, if they were anything like I was in college, had probably planned for the zombie apocalypse well in advance.


As the apocalypse progresses, Bailey finds that, in order to survive, she must do things she otherwise would have considered monstrous. It’s worth noting here, however, that her definition of “monstrous” is child’s play when compared to what the protagonists in The Walking Dead do, let alone how some of the villains act.


That’s part of what makes this book interesting. Since it’s told from Bailey’s perspective, she has more of a hang up when it comes to killing zombies or bad guys than a male protagonist typically would, at least at first. She has also never shot a gun and has absolutely no survival or camping experience so, in order to survive, she has to learn quite a bit.


With that said, while this book is interesting, it does have some problems. One of the major issues I noticed throughout was that the author switches between past and present tense a lot, sometimes even within the same sentence. The other major problem that stuck out was the way things like guns – and particularly silencers – were handled. A little more research could have gone a long way in making the book more realistic.


There were some other minor editing details that stuck out to me, but I won’t go into those here. Overall, while the writing could use some polishing, this is still an interesting story. I’d recommend heading over to Amazon and reading the first chapter to see if you’re interested in reading the rest. If you decide to pick it up, be sure to leave a review!


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