I’m always looking for books or documentaries on conspiracy theories. I think a lot of them are really interesting and, if nothing else, great for fiction fodder.


For book/inspiration related purposes, I’ve been looking at different takes on shadow governments. Dr. Coleman’s book, The Committee of 300, of course came up during my search.


I should preface this by saying that I couldn’t get through the entire thing. Partway through he starts ranting about how rock music and the Beatles were created to destroy America and society in general. He then started going on (and on, and on) about drugs and how much he hates Allen Ginsberg. His rant got monotonous after a while, but some of the points he made before it were interesting, if nothing else.


Obviously, given he claims the Beatles were created to destroy American society, there is plenty of crazy in this book. Even so, there is also a lot of well thought out information, too. Since I read this for fictional inspiration, I’ll mainly just give the interesting highlights.


According to Dr. Coleman, the world is run by a Committee of 300 people known as the “Olympians.” These people are involved with or control countless other groups such as the Club of Rome, the Round Table, the Council of Foreign Relations, etc.


I thought this concept was particularly interesting because it does actually seem somewhat plausible, if not in the real world, then at least in a fictional world. If you want to take over the world quietly, one of the best ways to do it would be to compartmentalize different projects within different organizations.


Of course, according to Dr. Coleman, the group not only has to influence these bureaucracies, it also has to cull the masses into obedience, too. A few of the ways they could potentially try and do this would be through destroying national identity and pride as well as all religions except for an approved religion (which Dr. Coleman claims is Christian Fundamentalism).


Aside from some of the other crazier notions (such as mind controlled human robots and the Queen of England being the ultimate ruler over everything), what I disagreed on was Dr. Coleman’s stated end goal for the shadow government. He claims that they want to kill most of the population and then enslave those who are left.


What I disagree with isn’t that they would want to depopulate the world (fewer people would be easier to manage). I don’t necessarily buy that they would want to enslave all of humanity. Why? Because even though some people are just thoroughly evil, I find it hard to believe that a lineage of the wealthiest, most influential people would need to destroy the world in order to have whatever they want. We’re not talking about just one generation here; according to Dr. Coleman, this is something that’s been going on for a long, long time.


So why do I think people would go to all of this trouble? Maybe to create the perfect society or to ultimately try and improve the world in some way. Does that mean they’re right? Absolutely not; who knows what a “perfect society” is in their shadowy minds. What I do believe, though, is that everyone is a hero in their own mind. Most people aren’t evil for the sake of being evil, nor would generations of people all work together for something that just hurts everyone.


Regardless, some of the ideas presented in the book were definitely interesting, particularly if you’re looking for something to write about. I’ll include a download link to my notes below if you want to take a look at some more of the information I found interesting. The most interesting part that’s relatively early on in the book is about the assassination of Aldo Moro, Italy’s Prime Minister.


If you have any other conspiracy theory books or documentaries you’d like to recommend (either on a shadow government or on something completely different), feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!


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