By now I imagine you’ve seen (and hopefully entered!) my giveaway for 10 signed books from popular thriller authors. As much as I’d love to share the books with everyone, unfortunately there can only be one winner. With that said, even if you don’t win it’s no reason not to check these authors out.


I wanted to dedicate today’s post to giving you a little more information on each of these authors. I really think you’ll like them and highly encourage you to check them out!


The God's Eye View

I have been a huge fan of Barry Eisler’s for years. I absolutely love his John Rain series and can’t recommend it enough. While Barry’s newest book, The God’s Eye View, isn’t about John Rain, I wouldn’t let that keep you from reading it for a second. The God’s Eye View is about an NSA conspiracy, assassins, and a lady who has to fight to survive it all. Awesome, right?


If you’re interested, you can grab it off of Amazon. I also really like Barry’s website, so I’d recommend taking a look at it if you have a chance, too. He has all kinds of interesting information on it, including spy tips since he used to be in the CIA.


Back Blast

Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series is also phenomenal. From start to finish, his books are full of action and go from one insane situation to another. Back Blast, the fourth book in the series, continues to follow Court Gentry as he finally comes back to the US in order to find out why the CIA put a “kill on sight” order out for him. If you, like me, have been trying to figure this out for years as the series has progressed, check it out on Amazon. If you haven’t had a chance to check the series out yet, I’d highly recommend looking into it!



DV Berkom’s books are about 3 things: suspense, action, and kick-ass heroines. Cargo, the fourth book in her Leine Basso series, promises just that. Leine, a former assassin, makes an enemy of the Triad as she searches for a missing girl. She’s captured and finds herself on a cargo ship to Africa. Even that doesn’t stop her, though; she intends to survive – and find the kidnapped girl.


Cargo is actually the book I intend to review for May, and I’m really excited about it! If you want to grab your copy and read along, too, you can get it on Amazon.


Dying for a Living

Kory Shrum’s Dying for a Living is the first book in her exciting, well-established series. It puts a unique twist on zombies and features Jesse Sullivan, a snarky, hilarious protagonist. Jesse is actually a zombie herself. Unlike most zombie books, though, she doesn’t crave brains – her ability just allows her to come back to life. The twist? Someone murders her and she’s left to catch her killer by herself.


This is a fantastic book and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. What’s even more exciting is that you can get the Kindle version for FREE! Check it out on Amazon! I really think you’ll enjoy it!


Arch Enemy

Leo Maloney is a fascinating guy. He served as a deep cover black operative and everything in his books involves things he either did himself or things he knows could be done from experience. I had the honor of speaking with Leo at length over the phone, and I can honestly tell you he’s amazing. Arch Enemy, the newest book in his Dan Morgan series, deals with several intense issues all at once: mysterious deaths of government agents, college extremists, and a ruthless villain who intends to melt America’s intelligence infrastructure down. Check it out on Amazon!


The Short Drop

Matthew Fitzsimmons’ debut novel The Short Drop has absolutely exploded with popularity since it was released in December. Considering it deals with the unsolved mystery of a missing girl, a legendary hacker, and political corruption, how could anyone not love it? If you haven’t already read it, what are you waiting for? Check it out on Amazon!


The Unleashed

Brett Battles is a well-known thriller author with over 25 books to his name. His latest book, The Unleashed, is the tenth in his Jonathan Quinn series. It boasts non-stop action as Quinn’s family vacation is suddenly interrupted by someone who thirsts for revenge. Sound great? Probably because it is! Go take a look on Amazon!



Robert Bidinotto is best known as the Vigilante Author. He has spent his life in the pursuit of justice through both his fiction career and through nonfiction means such as investigative reporting. His book, Hunter, focuses on a vigilante and his girlfriend who are both at odds without realizing it. Worse: someone else is after both of them. Check it out on Amazon – you won’t be disappointed!


Also, for all of the writers out there, I’d highly recommend taking a look at Robert’s website. It has a treasure trove of information that I think you’ll find invaluable.


The Experiment of Dreams

Brandon Zenner’s, The Experiment of Dreams, is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. It focuses on Ben Walker, who is essentially a human guinea pig, as he begins to remember things that others will stop at nothing to make sure he forgets. Ben’s worst enemy, however, isn’t other people: it’s his own mind.


You can get your copy of The Experiment of Dreams at Amazon. Also, if you’d like a free sample of Brandon Zenner’s work, you can sign up for his mailing list to receive a FREE short story!


Predators Game

S.L. Shelton, former soldier and tech company CEO, decided to sell his company in 2011 so that he could focus on writing. Since then, he’s created his Scott Wolfe series which has been extremely successful. Predator’s Game, book six in the series, continues Scott’s struggle to end a secret war. The problem is, he’s up against an enemy unlike any he’s ever faced before. Even worse: if he screws up, it won’t just cost him his life, but his friends and the girl he loves will be caught in the crossfire, too. Check it – along with the other books in the series – out on Amazon!


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