Cargo by DV Berkom is the fourth book in the Leine Basso thriller series. Leine is a former assassin who gave up her old life so that she could sleep at night. Now, instead of killing targets, she has a new job: she works for Stop Human Enslavement Now (known as SHEN). Her old skills still come in handy, though, as her job involves stopping bad guys and tracking down victims.


The story begins with Kylie, a young 18 year old girl who is backpacking across Southeast Asia. Kylie trusts the wrong people in Bangkok and quickly finds herself in a precarious situation – kidnapped and sold into slavery.


That’s where Leine comes in. She receives a call from one of her old coworkers who is Kylie’s mother. Kylie’s family is worried sick because Kylie hasn’t contacted them in several days. They ask Leine to look into her disappearance. Upon arriving to Bangkok, Leine quickly learns that Kylie did, in fact, disappear and left all of her things at the hostel. Soon enough, Leine gets a lead as to Kylie’s whereabouts, but rescuing her isn’t as easy as she hoped.


The story is fast-paced and well-written all the way through. From start to finish, it grabs you and takes you on a journey with both Leine and Kylie. It’s fascinating to see how resourceful Leine is and how she can leave any situation with just the clothes on her back and still come out ahead. Kylie’s part in the story, too, really helped to ratchet the tension up, as you’re never sure what’s going to happen to her next.


The other characters, both good and evil, were all interesting, too. Ghanima in particular was so evil it was impossible not to hate her. Every time she came into a scene, I couldn’t help but feel my blood pressure start to rise as I waited to see what horrible thing she would do next.


I really can’t recommend this book enough. It was a great, fast read with plenty of action, a smart plot, and fantastic characters. What more can you really ask for in a book? Now that I’ve read this one, I’m excited to check out the other books in the series, too! If you’re in the market for a great book, go grab this one off Amazon. If you do read it, be sure to leave a review of your own!


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