Contract: Sicko by Ty Hutchinson is an assassin thriller about a woman named Sei who is willing to do anything to get her kidnapped daughter back. Sei is an assassin who believed her daughter died at birth. Three years later, after having found out that wasn’t the case, Sei’s one mission in life is find her daughter.


As Sei works to find and question the people who were involved with her daughter’s birth – and by extension her kidnapping – she learns that she isn’t the only one on a manhunt. Other assassins are also hunting these people down and doing their best to kill them before they can give Sei any useful information.


Sei’s search takes her to Southeast Asia, which is where the story takes a dark turn. One of the men who stood guard while Sei gave birth helps traffic young girls for a brothel. I should note here that I hate reading anything that involves bad things happening to kids. With that said, the redeeming quality here is that nothing is ever shown. Sei has to interact with the pedophile trafficker for information, but that’s the extent of it.


Overall, the story is very interesting and draws readers in for a quick read. The descriptions Ty works into the book really helped to bring everything alive, too. As I mentioned above, I’m always very leery about anything involving kids, but this book handled it well. One of the most promising aspects of the book were the chapters that covered what’s happening with Sei’s daughter. After reading those, I have a feeling the series is going to take a cool turn in the future.   


With that said, I was kind of disappointed when I got to the end and there were still several loose threads. I understand the series needs to be able to continue, but it did seem like some things were brought up and forgotten about. Aside from that, the other issue I had while reading this book was that sometimes the characters did things that just didn’t make sense in order to move the story along. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that there were three or four instances throughout the book that made me raise an eyebrow.


Those few scenes aside, I enjoyed this book. If you’re into assassin thrillers (and I certainly hope you are!) you should consider checking this series out. This book is a really fast read. If nothing else, check out the first few chapters on Amazon and see what you think (each chapter is only a couple of pages long, at most). If you do decide to read it, be sure to leave a review of your own!


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