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My name is Brandon Jett and I live in Dayton Ohio with my wife, 3 cats, and a chug. I have been obsessed with stories ever since I can remember. Books, movies, or video games; as long as they have a good story I’m in.

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Killer chug!


I wrote my first “book” in 7th grade. It was significantly gorier and darker than anything a kid that age should even imagine, let alone write. My English teacher never looked at me the same after I showed it to her.


It’s always the quiet ones


Afterwards, I drifted away from fiction and instead reviewed video games for a local magazine. Then, in college, I wanted to translate Japanese books into English for a living. I studied abroad in Japan for 6 months, but a catastrophic earthquake hit the country and my plans changed.


Tanuki: A Japanese lawn gnome


As a result, I decided to try writing a book of my own as an adult. It’s been a blast ever since. Writing and doing my best to make everything as authentic as possible has given me an excuse to do a lot of things I never would have dreamed of otherwise. One of the coolest is learning Budo Taijutsu in order to create more authentic action scenes. Budo Taijutsu is best known for its elements of Ninjutsu and is, in a word, awesome.

3 kitties(2)

Toast never got the hang of being a ninja…


When I’m not training or writing I like to go on adventures with my wife, Ren. We both love to travel. Some of our favorite excursions have been when we traversed Japan, got married at Niagara Falls, explored Nashville, and took a haunted tour of Marshall, Michigan. We’ve also completed the secret level of Adventure at COSI, an achievement Ren is still proud of.



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