Getting In

I turned the corner and immediately spotted the bar that the kid had mentioned. It consisted of filthy cinder blocks covered in graffiti. An old layer of white paint was still visible between the dirt and graffiti, but from the looks of things, it had been years since it had been given a fresh coat of paint. The blocks were cracked and crumbling, and the entire building looked like it could collapse at any second. If city officials wouldn’t be shot for being in that part of town, the whole place would have been condemned.

In other words, it was perfect. Nobody would bother to investigate a few more bullet holes or another bloodstain or two.

I stepped in front of the door and pushed it open. As much as I wanted to pull my gun out and just start blasting, I couldn’t do it too soon. I had to scope the area out first.

The bar’s inside was just as bad as its outside. The lighting sucked and the walls were gray cinder blocks. As I took a step forward, the four men surrounding the pool table turned toward me. Almost in unison, the two guys playing darts and everyone else who was just sitting around drinking did, too. I counted nine of them in a second. The group was much older and harder than the kids out by the basketball court. All of them had ropy prison muscles and tattoos of some kind.

I thought about grabbing my gun as each of them tensed and prepared to come at me, but didn’t. I could take them, that wasn’t a question. The problem was that I didn’t see Jamal. If he was further back in the bar, I didn’t want to scare him away. Besides, the police would be able to overlook a couple of dead gangbangers, but it would be harder for them to ignore a massacre.

I put my hands up and stepped backwards, “Sorry, wrong building.” Then, without waiting for a response, I pushed the door open and bolted. Beside the bar was a tight alley, so I ran down it. As I did, the sound of the bar’s door opening grabbed my attention. A second later, I heard feet pounding on the pavement as they ran out to search for me.

I sped up. Just ahead, toward the back of the alley, was a dumpster. I slid behind it and crouched down at its side. When I was in place, I peeked around it and watched as three of the men who had just been in the bar ran past the alley. From the sounds of it, two more ran in the opposite direction. If I was right, that meant there were still four more inside I needed to deal with.

I stood up and reached for my gun. It wasn’t perfect, but it would take me less time to get through four of them. If I was fast enough, I thought I’d be able to get to Jamal, too, before he got away.

As I stepped past the dumpster, something inside caught my eye and I holstered my gun. I had a better idea.

I reached into the dumpster and pulled out an empty two-liter bottle. Aside from the bottle, there was also plenty of left over booze, toilet cleaner, batteries, and even some old tin foil. I’d learned a saying as a kid that was supposed to help me remember what to mix together in order to make a two-liter explode. It went something like, “To make a bang, you need to shine.”

Which items do you mix together?

Alcohol & Toilet Cleaner Toilet Cleaner & Tin Foil Alcohol & Batteries Batteries & Toilet Cleaner