Inside The Bar

I tore the tin foil into pieces and shoved them into the two-liter. Once that was done, I poured the toilet cleaner into the bottle and screwed the lid back on. There wasn’t much time until it exploded, so I ran out of the alley and around the corner, back toward the basketball court. Not surprisingly, all of the kids were gone.

I shook the bottle up just for good measure and then sat it on the ground. As soon as it was out of my hands, I hauled ass back to the dumpster beside the bar.

I made it back just as a loud explosion went off. It sounded kind of like a grenade, but it sure as hell wasn’t as fun. I knew there was no fire or anything else.

A moment later, the bar’s door opened and the last four people ran toward the sound. That was my cue. I quickly moved around the dumpster and back into the empty bar.

I walked past the abandoned drinks and pool tables and turned the corner. The hallway was short and just as dark as the rest of the bar. To my right was a broken bathroom door which didn’t interest me. What did, however, was the door at the end of the hall. Voices and laughter came from behind it.

I grabbed my gun and silently moved toward it. Adrenaline began to shoot through my veins once more as I grabbed the dented doorknob and smiled. It was time for Jamal to take a dirt nap. Finally, I got some action.

I twisted the knob, but it didn’t open.

“Shit,” I mumbled under my breath. Of course the damn thing was locked.

I got ready to try and kick the door in, but stopped. There was a keypad just above the knob. If my guess was right, all I needed to do was punch the password in. It was less fun, but better for surprising whoever was behind the door.

Written beside the keypad in what looked like somebody’s cracked out handwriting were several words. It was stupid, but I wondered if they had anything to do with the password.


What is the password?

96737 86878 46643 48647